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Thomas Mundinger

“I highly recommend Terry Jensen Construction Corp. for your remodel needs.”

My Project: Terry coordinated a total interior remodel of my small/medium-sized home. Work included renovating wood floors, replacing wood and tile flooring, replacing all windows and doors, replacing kitchen and bath cabinets and tops, adding a shower, replacing plumbing lines and fixtures, adding insulation, repairing and painting all interior walls and ceilings, adding recessed lighting, replacing electrical lines and rebuilding the fireplace/hearth/mantel. On the exterior, roof shingles/flashing and skylights were replaced, and new electrical lines and lights were added to the garage.

My Experience:  Terry proved to be honest, personable, experienced and trustworthy. First, he was quick to understand my goal and vision for this remodel. Next, he gave me clear, realistic expectations regarding the time, costs and impositions to be incurred in meeting these goals. As is regularly the case, I had fine lines to draw between the quality of work/materials and the cost, and Terry responded with understanding by providing meetings with several sub-contractors for each job. All of the sub-contractors had worked with Terry in the past, had performed quality work, seemed eager to work with him again and treated both myself and Terry with professional respect, all very good signs. During the actual work, Terry communicated clearly with all sub-contractors regarding schedule and, importantly, addressing unexpected problems. Again, his clear understanding of my overall vision allowed him to make appropriate decisions, even in my absence. Lastly, Terry and his team made painless the processes of obtaining the necessary permits and of adhering to code.

Summary:  It has been several years since this remodel, and I am completely satisfied with the results. While it was certainly nice to have all this work finished in a very timely manner, it is the quality of work that is most impressive. The high quality of work, evident from the start, has been confirmed by lasting impressions. I will certainly work with Terry and his team in the near future to execute my plans for round two, an external remodel. 

Thomas Mundinger

Testimonial from John Sleutel - Client of Terry Jensen Construction

Following my purchase of a view, 5,800 square foot home, that needed a major remodel Terry was recommended to me. Initially, not having much of an idea what changes I wanted to make to the interior of the house, we did come up with a general plan that Terry gave me a $350K budget for. Following my own volitions and the input from various people, including an interior designer, I ended up spending more than three times as much but loving the results.

Terry is a true professional, well-seasoned in construction and remodeling older homes. I’m sure he’s great at new construction as well. While working with Terry he provided great dependable sub-trades who he scheduled and controlled. Terry was on the job every day and worked, hammer in hand, right alongside with his men. Right in the middle of winter, with some snow flying, they tore one third of the roof off the house and raised the ceiling substantially to give the living and dining room a cathedral type feel with nine foot high windows. I marveled at his and his workers tenacity.

The great thing I liked about Terry is that if he felt the designer or architect had it a little wrong his practicality would call me over and we’d discuss how to do the job a little differently that made a lot more sense. As we went along we constantly added ideas and changes that I would have never come up with but that Terry, with his trusted assistant Bob the carpenter, would propose. There were untold ideas that Terry brought forth that were incorporated that I would have never thought of. All those ideas made the end result and renewed house a great success and a wonderful place to live. As a result I admire Terry and his abilities greatly and can recommend him highly. I felt a very lucky person to have my project in the hands of Terry.

John Sleutel

More Testimonials…

“We were fortunate to work with Terry Jensen when we originally built our house.  The architect had drawn the basic plans, but it turned out to be more of a design build.  Terry was great in guiding us through this process.  Terry asked us the right questions and laid out our options so that we could make informed decisions.  Our house was completed on time and under budget.  We liked Terry so much that he recently completed our kitchen, study, and barbecue area remodel.  You can’t go wrong working with Terry Jensen Construction.

Bob & Carolyn McGarvey

My wife and I decided to build our retirement home in federal Way, WA., on a view lot we had owned for many years.  At that time, we were both living and working on the East Coast.  We learned of Terry Jensen Custom homes quite by accident.  Until we made our first appointment with Builder, Terry Jensen, we had made dozens of expensive flights back and forth, working with our Architect and getting more frustrated with each trip.   Meeting with Jensen was the hope that saved the dream of seeing this home built.  Jensen took charge, redesigned architectural errors and truly walked us through a building project step by step.  Attention to detail and excellence in quality work, from beginning to completion.  Our home has more than met our expectations and we owe it to Terry Jensen Construction.  

Lawrence and Shirley Agodoa

If we relocate and leave this house (Heaven forbid) we would want Terry Jensen to build us another home.

Marty and Ardella Martinson

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