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About Terry…

As a successful custom home builder for nearly 30 years, Terry Jensen Custom Homes has many satisfied clients who heartily endorse our company for future projects. Terry is personally involved with the process of speculative building, from finding and developing the land and designing the ideal home for the property, to marketing and working with the eventual buyers, through handing over the keys. 

Terry has been involved in building homes all his life, starting with working for his father’s building company.  Since starting his own business in 1988, Terry has built many homes, ranging in price from $300,000 to over $5 million.   Terry Jensen Custom Homes specializes in view and waterfront properties, which present their own set of challenges due to height restrictions, environmental concerns, etc.   Terry is well qualified to manage the homebuilding process through the various regulatory steps, keeping the time and money spent on this aspect to a minimum.   

The goal of Terry Jensen Custom Homes is to build the best home possible for the many unique properties in our beautiful area.  We have built many homes in the Puget Sound region, from Tacoma to Seattle; a driving tour of some of our homes will show the quality construction we pride ourselves on.  

Please contact us at (206) 396-8149 if you would like more information, testimonials and info for the driving tour.

Dream Big

During the design process we are here to help, advise or take complete control of the project.  We know you’ll love the results either way!

Forward Thinking

A good builder will follow your vision and not waiver, a great builder will help you think about building materials and processes that will exceed your expectations.

Problem Solvers

Terry Jensen knows how to navigate the building process and has been problem solving for over 40 years which gives him the advantage if ever a problem were to arise.


We let our clients speak to this.  Their flattery is an inspiration to us to keep building and learning in this ever changing business.

What can we build for you?